Egg (Rotten) (Resident Evil 5)

Image of Egg (Rotten)

This egg is completely rotten. It's turned black. It's not edible at all.

Eggs generally have two different purposes, they can either be eaten to restore a portion of your health or thrown to cause damage to an enemy.

In this instance the rotten egg should not be consumed, as the name implies it is rotten and will actually remove 50% of your maximum health bar. These types of eggs should be used as weapons, as a direct hit will cause a lot of damage to the enemy. The added bonus is that they also penetrate armour, making them useful in fights against Base Majini.
CategoryItem (Recovery item)
Sell price₦2,000


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    Chapter 4-1

    Eggs (Rotten) - Ancient village. They have a higher chance of being dropped by Wetlands Majini here.
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