Regarding the Mutant Organism Found in the Facilities (Resident Evil 5)

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May 6
A fire broke out during the test for loading Uroboros Virus onto the missiles. This required a temporary Level 4 (BL-4) quarantine for the immediate area.

May 11
It's been five days since the area was put under quarantine. There have been reports of an animal undergoing a strange and rapid mutation. Eye-witness accounts indicate the creature possesses a very hard epidermis. No viral cysts related to Uroboros have been reported, however.

I speculate that we are dealing with something that has been influenced by the Uroboros Virus, a rare occurrence to be sure. Perhaps tomorrow I will put together an investigation team to procure a sample specimen.

May 12
I sent a lightly armed team to investigate the sightings of this strange creature. Unfortunately, another team had to be deployed to retrieve the corpses of the first team, which had been dismembered by something extremely sharp. There were also multiple stab wounds that appeared to be made by a giant spear.

Trace amounts of a peculiar chemical substance were detected on the eyes of some of the corpses.
What kind of mutant organism we are dealing with is still unknown at this time. According to the initial investigation, we could be dealing with a new type of B.O.W. Based on the creature's style of attack, I have codenamed it "Reaper" for the time being.

Of course, more data on this creature is still required before a thorough analysis can be submitted.


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    Missile area 1st floor. Found on a bench between the second and third conveyor belts.
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