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Listed below is what is currently known regarding the Las Plagas parasite:

Though only recently discovered, the parasite known as Las Plagas was sealed away under the family castle of castellan Ramon Salazar for many generations.

The parasite attaches itself to a human host and is assimilated by the central nervous system. Infected humans lose all rational thinking faculties and are wholly subject to control by another type of Plaga known as control Plaga (usually another infected human). Host may lack rational thought function, but they still retain human-level intelligence such as the ability to understand and communicate with each other. They can also use tools and are surprisingly crafty when working in groups against an enemy.

Leon S. Kennedy documented his encounter with these infected humans in the Kennedy Report. In his report they were referred to as Ganados.

The presence of Las Plagas in this mission has been confirmed. It is currently unknown how the parasites, discovered in Europe, came to present in Africa. A known bioweapons smuggler, Ricardo Irving, is wanted for questioning regarding this matter.

This information was obtained by the BSAA's Alpha Team at great personal risk to themselves. Their report indicated that a Las Plagas sample was extracted from Europe and has undergone both biological and genetic modification, creating a more effective and potentially dangerous biological weapon.

This modified Las Plagas has been classified by researchers as Type 2 Plagas. The presence of the Type 2 Plagas has been confirmed to be present in Africa by various intel reports.

Type 2's initial infection characteristics vary from the original parasite's infection.

The Las Plagas discovered in Europe were injected into humans during the egg phase. They would then reach maturity within the host body at which point they would assume control of the host's central nervous system.

With Type 2, infection occurs from a mature parasite. This requires it to enter the host orally, usually by being forced directly into the potential host's mouth.

The observed result of this type of infection method is one of extreme muscular convulsions and uncontrollable body spasms.

Also of note, whereas the original Las Plagas took anywhere from a few hours to a few days to assimilate a host, Type 2 requires almost zero maturation time. From this point alone, Type 2 is a much more efficient weapon.

Infections of this type have already been witnessed by BSAA operatives currently stationed in the area.

Type 2 takes over the central nervous system of infected humans, and incapacitates normal rational thought faculties. The infected hosts become willing subjects to the ones that control them. (However, to maximize their effectiveness as a weapon, the person(s) who command them do not need to possess a control Plaga to do so.)

Hosts retain their intelligence, and the abilities of the host are dependent on the abilities inherent in the human before infection. This is the same as with the original version of the Las Plagas parasite.

It has been speculated that to raise their proliferation as a weapon, the parasite has been altered so that its hosts will actively infect others in order to increase their numbers.

According to intel reports, Type 2 hosts are apparently known as Majini to weapons dealers. This word comes from the local language meaning "evil spirit".

Because the codename Type 2 exists, it is presumed that there are subsequent numbered types (e.g. Type 3 and Type 4). No confirmation of this, however, has been acquired at this time.