From Chief Researcher Brandon's Journal - No. 2 (Resident Evil 5)

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April 15
It's been over a year since we've had any breakthroughs. That's why Dr. Marcus and I have decided to return to Africa. We can no longer continue our research without the progenitor virus. I know those routine attacks by the Ndipaya are really going to wrack my nerves, but for the sake of our research, I will persevere.

In the face of my foreseen dismay it was Mr. Spencer who provided the answer.

"If you're worried about the Ndipaya, then we'll just have to remove them from the equation"

I can only imagine the look of shock on our faces.

The idea never occurred to us. It was quite an atypical solution to our problems, but it seemed to be the only option available.

Dr. Marcus and I decided to try Mr. Spencer's plan.

Aug. 19
Finally, some good news! We learned they were able to chase the Ndipaya off their land. The land we acquired only amounts to half of those underground ruins, but if it includes the area where the Progenitor flower grows, then there should be no issues.

Mr. Spencer said he plans to construct research facilities at the site, which will expedite our research into the virus.

We hastily made our preparations to depart for Africa, but Mr. Spencer requests that Dr. Marcus stay in Raccoon City to take over the Training Center.

We were initially taken aback by the request, but we soon realized it was the logical course of action. Dr. Marcus needs a calm environment to properly conduct his research. If he were in Africa, there would be no proper facility for him to use at this time. I just hope the African research facilities get built soon.

So now I will go alone to Africa and send back samples of the Progenitor virus to Dr. Marcus.

Both Dr. Marcus and Mr. Spencer agree this is the best course of action.

I have to start making preparations to go. I have a feeling I'll be pretty busy starting tomorrow.

Sept. 29
I've been in Africa for two weeks now. It's a good thing Dr. Marcus isn't here. This place is far from being a paradise of research and scientific study. The so-called research facilities are nothing more than a bunch of tents, and we have to employ armed soldiers to keep the Ndipaya at bay.

But the thing that gets on my nerves the most is the sound of the construction for the real research facilities.

How am I suppose to concentrate on research when everything is threatening to drive me insane? I'm trying to just concentrate on extracting the virus samples from the Progenitor flower so I can send them to Dr. Marcus. Hopefully, if I focus on my work, I can remain sane in this godforsaken place.


June 15
The research facilities are finally completed! This is the real Umbrella Africa Research Center, not just some pile of tents.
But I've come to a realization in the past nine months. The facilities are too small for our needs. We need to make them larger, more suitable for research.

Then we can fill them with more talented researchers.

This place needs to be our frontline in our Progenitor virus research. Our results will do a great service to Dr. Marcus and his viral research.

In a rare turn of events, that old skinflint Spencer actually agreed with me on this!


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    Chapter 5-1

    Progenitor virus facility. In the room located in the south west corner of the corridor you enter after exiting the underground garden area. It is on a desk on the south side of the room.
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