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Town Majini (Resident Evil 5)

Image of Town Majini
Majini are humans acting under the control of the parasitic bio-weapon "Las Plagas". As such, they will act only under the orders of a specific human. They have lost their personality and ability to reason, but maintain their human intelligence. This means they can communicate their basic ides through speech, wield tools and weapons, and employ group tactics.

The Town Majini are the people of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. They have been injected with the "Type 2 Plagas", an improved version of the originally-discovered European Las Plagas.

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  • Image of Chapter 1-1

    Chapter 1-1

    Town Majinis - Back alley. A whole horde of them come after you as you make your way down the alley.
    Town Majinis - Public assembly. Come at you from all directions after you witness the execution.
  • Image of Chapter 1-2

    Chapter 1-2

    Town Majinis - Urban district.
  • Image of Chapter 2-1

    Chapter 2-1

    Town Majinis - Storage facility.
    Town Majinis - The bridge.
    Town Majinis - The port. Come after you after you pick up the Port Key.
    Town Majinis - Shanty town.
  • Image of Chapter 2-2

    Chapter 2-2

    Town Majinis - Train station.
    Town Majinis - The mines.
    Town Majinis - Mining area.
  • Image of Chapter 3-2

    Chapter 3-2

    Town Majinis - Oil field refinery.
    Town Majinis - Oil field control facility. Appear when you are attempting to escape with Josh Stone.
  • Image of Chapter 3-3

    Chapter 3-3

    Town Majinis - Oil field drilling facilities.
There are no locations to show.

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