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Maps (Resident Evil 2 Remake - The 4th Survivor)

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Sewers Lower

Image of Bottom Waterway OverpassImage of Central HubImage of Lower WaterwayImage of Connecting PassageImage of Central Stairs
Image of Sewers Lower

Sewers Middle

Image of Monitor RoomImage of Treatment Pool RoomImage of Cable Car PlatformImage of Central StairsImage of Bottom Waterway OverpassImage of Upper WaterwayImage of Lower Waterway
Image of Sewers Middle

Sewers Upper

Image of Control RoomImage of Side StairwayImage of Connecting PassageImage of Lower Waterway OverpassImage of Workers' Break Room
Image of Sewers Upper

Underground Facility Lower

Image of Underground Stairs 1FImage of Workers' Storage
Image of Underground Facility Lower

Underground Facility Middle

Image of Machinery Room 2FImage of WalkwayImage of Operators RoomImage of Underground Stairs 2F
Image of Underground Facility Middle

Police Station B1

Image of Parking GarageImage of UnderpassImage of East Central Passage B1Image of Basement Stairway
Image of Police Station B1

Police Station 1F

Image of West CourtyardImage of UnderpassImage of EntranceImage of East CourtyardImage of West Central PassageImage of West Stairway 1FImage of West OfficeImage of Main HallImage of East HallwayImage of East OfficeImage of Watchman's RoomImage of Fire EscapeImage of Break Room Hallway
Image of Police Station 1F

Police Station 2F

Image of West Hallway 2FImage of LoungeImage of Women's Locker RoomImage of Men's Locker RoomImage of West Stairway 2FImage of LibraryImage of Main Hall 2FImage of East Stairway 2FImage of Waiting RoomImage of East Hallway 2FImage of Fire EscapeImage of Roof
Image of Police Station 2F

Police Station 3F

Image of East Stairway 3FImage of Balcony
Image of Police Station 3F