Report on the Uroboros Virus (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

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Report on the Uroboros Virus

1. The Uroboros virus takes root in organic material. If injected into a corpse it will create a core and then reorganizes organic material around that core, thereby reanimating the corpse.

2. The core serves as the control center of the organic growth; destroying the core will negate the reanimation process.

3. It's ability to propagate in organic matter is extremely high. Were a sample ever breach the confines of this facility, this island would be turned into a graveyard.

Security measures must be enforced to the strictest degree.


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    Episode Four

    Underground Research Facility - Lower Level. On the control desks of the control room. This is the room adjacent to the room that contains many Revenant's in cryo-tubes.