Hatred of Natalia (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

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Hatred of Natalia

I survived... My escape wasn't death. I have no one to blame but myself.

When I pulled the trigger...in that instant...the thought of vanishing from this world... Me! Me of all people..I came to feel fear.

How ironic. The viruses inside of me...rotting away my body to the point of death, saved me from death.

I have become ugly. Hideous. I can't stand the sight of myself. This isn't me. This ugly creature...

But soon another me will awaken. The vessel I transferred myself into.

I won't allow it. I forbid it. She is the ugly one. Yet she'll look at me and laugh at how hideous I am.

Why have I become so hideous?

I am me. But I am not. I awakened as myself. But then she will also awaken as me. Both are true.

No! There can only be one true me. And that is me! She can never be me. She is false. She is a farce. That is why she cannot be allowed to persist. She must be eliminated.

I am me. Only I am true.
I'll use that abomination. Albert's final legacy. I'll smother this insufferable island with Uroboros.
She will be eviscerated.
She will come to know fear.
You will feel the icy embrace of death...Natalia...

And then, when you die false one, I will take your body. I will become the true me. Natalia...you must die...


  • Image of Episode Four

    Episode Four

    Underground Research Facility - Crypt. On the ground in front of the stone Lottie has been nailed to.
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