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A Eulogy for my Brethren (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

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A Eulogy for my Brethren

We followed Master Alex to this island of Zabytij, which she has code-named "No. 46." Our efforts have brought prosperity to the island, but more than that, we have come to help the Master achieve her goal of rebirth.

You have performed splendidly in your tasks. Even in your final task, to provide the Master with valuable data at the cost of your own lives.

We are bonded in our servitude to the Master. I consider you my colleagues, and my friends. I will help the Master to finish the work which we have all started. I promise that your sacrifices will not be in vain.

May you rest in peace.


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    Episode Three

    Monument - Tombstone Area. Examine the large stone in the middle of the room to read the message.
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