Navy Proof (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of Navy Proof

A hex-shaped stone object. A picture of a submarine is carved on it.

A small grey hexagonal stone object, showing a carving of a submarine.

This item, used in conjunction with the Air Force Proof and the Army Proof, is used to activate the platform mechanism to board the plane in the Boarding Area.

It is later used again by Chris in the Diorama Room of the Military Training Facility with the other two proofs to move the diorama to access the Underground Passage.
CategoryItem (Object, tool or key)


  • Image of Courtyard - Palace 1F

    Courtyard - Palace 1F

    On the ground in the central path.
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  • Image of Boarding Area - Airport 1F

    Boarding Area - Airport 1F

    Available here when you are playing as Chris. It is inside the control panel. Switch off the electricity supply using the nearby console to access it.
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