Eagle Plate (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of Eagle Plate

Ashford family's crest. An eagle grasps a gold halberd. The indigo blue plate portion appears to be made of special alloy.

The Ashford Family Crest is depicted as an eagle grasping a gold halberd.

There are two of these plates in the game, and both are used in two different locations. One is used on the stone pedestal overlooking the courtyard in the 2F Back Courtyard of the Military Training Facility. Another is used on the guillotine in the Execution Yard of the Prison.

Later on in the game when playing as Chris, the Clement Mixture must be used to dissolve the special indigo-coloured alloy the emblem is made of in order to retrieve the golden Halberd.
CategoryItem (Object, tool or key)