Worker's Diary (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of Worker's Diary
The dairy of a worker at the Antarctic Transport Terminal.



October 30th
When I joined Umbrella Inc., I thought that I would be able to live care-free for the rest of my life, being employed by this huge corporation.

It's a joke that I ended up being a driver at a place like this. I asked for a position change, but they completely ignored me. It feels more like a prison! Work is extremely demanding, and there's nothing fun about it. I'd rather be dead!

November 3rd
My hard-earned vacation was canceled suddenly. I heard they failed to secure enough manpower due to a mistake made by the facility head, Alfred. That fool doesn't deserved forgiveness. He doesn't even treat us like human beings!

November 5th
I heard an interesting story from a guy who's been working here for 8 years. He must be awfully patient...

He says that there is a man who has been confined for over 10 years, locked up in a cell deep below here. People call him "Nosferatu" and are deathly afraid of him. What an absurd story!

November 10th
At midnight I woke up to an ominous growling sound that seemed to be coming from deep under ground... I'm so pathetic to have been frightened by such a foolish story.

Then again, I suppose anyone would have a hard time maintaining their sanity if they were confined in a place like this!!


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