Queen Ant Report (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of Queen Ant Report
Alexia's writings during the early stages of the T-Veronica Project.



After discovering the remains of an ancient virus within the genes of a queen ant, I have been concentrating on the research of ants.

The ecosystem of the ants seems truly ideal to me. There is one queen ant in each anthill, and the soldier and worker ants are the queen's slaves. They dedicate their lives to the queen.

The death of the queen ant means the doom of the entire anthill. However, the soldier and worker ants can be easily replaced as long as the queen ant is alive. This is exactly the same relationship between myself and other ignorant masses.

I have succeeded in creating an ideal virus by implanting the queen ant's gene into the mother virus that Spencer found.

I used my otherwise useless father as a test subject. However, as I expected, the virus caused a rapid change in his cells, triggering the complete destruction of his brain cells and body flesh.

Furthermore, a special type of poison gas was generated inside his body, that the blue herb had no effect against. Because of this, I created an antidote in case of emergency, and stored it inside of the weapon/chemical warehouse on the B2 floor.

I have decided to name this virus with unimaginable potential, the "T- Veronica" virus. When I find out how I can fully utilize the power of wonderful virus, my great research will finally be complete.

Alexia Ashford