Hunter (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of Hunter
The Hunters in this game are more advanced than the previous kind. Thanks to Wesker's betrayal, he managed to escape the Spencer Mansion will full details on the Hunter, selling this information to his new superiors. Encountered later on in the game when you start playing as Chris, these creatures become a fairly common adversary.

Unlike previous Hunters, these have been tamed. Each Hunter has a small automated robot called a Spotter, which scours the area for movement. When you get detected by a Spotter, prepare yourself for a Hunter (or in some cases, a Sweeper) a few seconds later. The Shotgun or Grenade Launcher is the best weapon to bring down these pests.
Code nameHunter II


Sum total
8-12 [1]
[1] Exact number can depend on certain game conditions.