Grenade launcher (Resident Evil 5)

Image of Grenade launcher

Powerful weapon that can fire six different types of grenades. Ammo is sold separately.

There's an interesting quirk to this weapon. The propelled shot pursues a straight line, not a ballistic one as you might expect, and the grenades detonate on impact. This means you actually need to aim your laser pointer at the floor or at an advancing enemy to place the grenade's detonation for maximum impact. This weapon cannot be upgraded, but features a wide variety of rounds that are unlocked progressively towards the end of the game.

The rounds available for use are:
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)
Buy price₦5,000
Sell price₦500


  • Image of Chapter 4-1

    Chapter 4-1

    Labyrinth. Inside a silver briefcase in the south west ground level quadrant of the map.
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