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BSAA Emblem (Resident Evil 5)

Image of BSAA Emblem
There are 30 of these emblems scattered throughout the game, but they are well hidden and require a keen eye to discover them all.

To "acquire" the emblem you must destroy it in some way, either by shooting it, knifing it or using a grenade. Once shattered, you must complete the current chapter in order for it to be added to your current tally. It's worth noting that even after you have destroyed one, if you replay the chapter it will appear again, but this does not mean you have to destroy it again in order to keep it. Most unlockable content requires a certain number of these emblems to be destroyed.
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  • Image of Chapter 1-2

    Chapter 1-2

    Urban district. Found on a wall of a building at the very south end of the map. It is easier to see by standing at the top of the south stairs of the main house.
    Abandoned building. When you reach the top of the wooden ladder, turn around and immediately look up.
    Furnace facility. In the passageway leading towards the exit, look through the wire fence on your right.
  • Image of Chapter 2-1

    Chapter 2-1

    Storage facility. Hanging on the wall of the warehouse.
    The bridge. Hanging underneath the bridge, proceed to the walkway on the north side of the map to get a clear shot.
    The port. In the area with the market stalls, look for a green booth. The emblem is attached to the ceiling inside, so get close to the wire mesh and look up.
    The port. Hanging in the second-floor archway of one of the buildings on the north side of the map. You can see it if you climb the platform with the ladder.
    Shanty town. If you look up at the roof just before you help Sheva with the assist jump over to the opposite building, you should spot the emblem.
  • Image of Chapter 2-2

    Chapter 2-2

    Train station. Attached to one of the electricity pylons to the south west, behind the building where you start.
    The mines. Once you reach the wooden bridge look at the waterfall.
    Mining area. You get a clear shot of this when you climb the first tall ladder. Once at the top, turn south east and you will see the emblem on the warehouses in the distance. A rifle with a scope is recommended.
  • Image of Chapter 3-1

    Chapter 3-1

    Marshlands. On one of the wooden posts on the west side of the marsh. A long range sniper shot is achievable from the south dock.
    Marshlands. Underneath the hut at the poultry farm in the middle of the marsh.
    Marshlands. On the underside of the shelter at the fish farm in the north west area of the marsh.
    Village. Walk off the board walk at the start of the map and immediately turn around.
  • Image of Chapter 3-2

    Chapter 3-2

    Execution ground. Go through the Tricell tents and look in the area behind them, you will find the emblem visible between the two tents.
    Oil field dock. As soon as the countdown timer begins, turn and run down the metal ramp. Turn around again and use a rifle to scan for a building with barred windows, where you'll see the emblem hanging inside.
  • Image of Chapter 3-3

    Chapter 3-3

    Oil field drilling facilities. Hidden beneath the third bridge that your boat passes under, just before you arrive at the first closed gate.
  • Image of Chapter 4-1

    Chapter 4-1

    Caves. As you cross the stone bridge after climbing the ladder, look to the right and examine the small waterfall.
    Ancient village. On the wall above the gate at the north end of the cave.
    Labyrinth. It is visible high on the middle of the west wall once you enter the main chamber.
  • Image of Chapter 4-2

    Chapter 4-2

    Pyramid. When you reach the second level down, proceed into the room on the north side and turn around. It is hanging above the door.
  • Image of Chapter 5-1

    Chapter 5-1

    Underground garden. In the north east area of the map, look underneath the bridge leading into the facility.
  • Image of Chapter 5-2

    Chapter 5-2

    Missile area 1st floor. After negotiating the second conveyor belt, head down the steps. It is inside an open dumpster immediately to your left.
  • Image of Chapter 5-3

    Chapter 5-3

    Uroboros research facility. Hidden behind the fan in the room leading out of the laboratory where you fought Uroboros Mkono.
    Missile area 2nd floor. Before you set the moving platform in motion, head over to the east side and look up. You can see it through the grating of the control booth above.
    Monarch room entrance. Before you call the elevator to ascend to the walkway above, go around to the back of the shaft and look down to find it on the wall.
  • Image of Chapter 6-1

    Chapter 6-1

    Ship deck. On the radar tower at the far south end of the ship. It is a feasible shot from the observation tower at the north end of the boat using the fully upgraded H&K PSG-1.
    Ship deck. Inside the open shipping container left of the cargo lift in the area where the cage ambush takes place. It cannot be seen, but a well-aimed grenade will destroy it.
    Ship hold. Inside a cupboard with a glass door in the botanical laboratory holding glass tubes of the Progenitor Virus flowers.
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