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Type 2 Plagas (Resident Evil 5)

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As stated in earlier documentation on the subject, the original Las Plagas parasite was discovered in an isolated area in Europe. Upon maturation in a host, the parasite quickly replaces the host's will and self-awareness, rendering them highly susceptible to control by another.

It was this aspect of Las Plagas that meant one so inclined could create obedient subjects who would obey directives without question. With obvious commercial application possibilities, Las Plagas quickly came under review by interested parties.

The problem with commercializing Las Plagas was the time discrepancy between initial infection and when the hosts were rendered susceptible to control.

The time between when Las Plagas is administered to the host as an egg and the time when it fully matures and attaches itself to the control nervous system was met with negative criticism.

The maturation cycle of Las Plagas is relatively brief, but potential customers wishing for more expedient results.

With this in mind, research was undertaken to improve Las Plagas. The final result of this research becoming Type 2 Plagas.

Type 2 Plagas differs from its predecessor in that it is administered in its mature state, and from that point the host can almost immediately be controlled.

Type 2 is administered orally, or more specifically, it is forced into the mouth of the host. It's an indelicate method, but it's also the most effective.

After oral administration, Type 2 rends the esophagus and moves first to the medulla oblongata, then to the brain proper, and finally the spinal cord. Once it has taken hold of the central nervous system, the host can be controlled.

Under a laboratory setting, we recorded complete control of a host within ten seconds of administration of Type 2.

Aside from the reduced infection time, the Type 2 Plagas appeared to share all of the characteristics of the original Las Plagas, which made it more than suitable for commercialization.

All that remains now is to simulate field data from the Kijuju Autonomous Zone.

Listed below are the three key experiments for evaluation of Type 2:

1. Infection
Administer Type 2 samples to 10 previously infected individuals and observe the rate at which they spread the infection. These 10 test subjects must be given enough Type 2 samples to create measurable results.

2. Control
Observe to what extent the barbaric behavior induced by the Plagas can be controlled. This will be ascertained by witnessing the results of the directive to engage the BSAA operatives within the area.

3. Fighting
Accumulate data on Type 2 in combat. Type 2 hosts will battle BSAA operatives deployed in the area.

This experiment will be the last stage for evaluating the effectiveness of Type 2 Plagas.


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