Reaper (Resident Evil 5)

Image of Reaper
The Reaper resulted when a cockroach-like creature was infected with trace amounts of the Uroboros Virus, transforming it into a B.O.W. The creatures emerge from their cocoons mounted with blade-like protrusions on each of their arms, and it is from these "scythes" that the creature takes its name. A Reaper can use its blades to capture and fatally wound its prey, or spit out a caustic substance capable of causing temporary blindness. Its shell is hard enough to deflect standard bullets.


  • Image of Chapter 5-2

    Chapter 5-2

    1 Reaper - Missile area 1st floor. Emerges from its egg sack when you restore power to the conveyor belt.
  • Image of Chapter 5-3

    Chapter 5-3

    3 Reapers - Missile area 2nd floor. Emerge from their egg sacks hanging from the ceiling along the metal walkway. There are four egg sacks, but you will only ever encounter two or three Reapers during a play through of this area.
  • Image of Chapter 6-3

    Chapter 6-3

    2 Reapers - Engine room. Hatch and come after you when you press the switch to open the second bulkhead.
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