Big Man Majini (Resident Evil 5)

Image of Big Man Majini
These large Majini are built like wrestlers, and use their overwhelming strength to crush their targets to death. They have greater endurance than the usual Majini: no matter how many times they fall, they will always get back up again. However, their intelligence and reasoning ability is lower than normal. The diffilculty they have in following orders makes them difficult to market as bio-weapons.


  • Image of Chapter 2-1

    Chapter 2-1

    1 Big Man Majini - Storage facility. In the open area beyond the storage containers.
    2 Big Man Majinis - The port. Will appear once you have taken the Port Key. The second usually takes a while to appear.
  • Image of Chapter 3-2

    Chapter 3-2

    1 Big Man Majini - Oil field dock. Burst through the gate as you approach after the countdown timer has started.
  • Image of Chapter 6-1

    Chapter 6-1

    2 Big Man Majinis - Ship deck. Appear when you reach the area with the cargo lifts that require you and your partners assistance to activate.
  • Image of Chapter 3-2

    Chapter 3-2

    2 Big Man Majinis - Oil field control facility. Appear when you are attempting to escape with Josh Stone.
  • Image of Chapter 5-3

    Chapter 5-3

    1 Big Man Majini - Missile area 2nd floor. Boards the moving platform when you attempt to get across.
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