Rocket Launcher

A powerful rocket launcher. The fire once and throw away type.

Game Resident Evil Revelations
Category Weaponry
The Rocket Launcher is an uncommon item in the campaign. However, these weapons are fantastic against bosses, so save them in the Weapon Box for when you need them most. Each Rocket Launcher comes with just one rocket.


Main Hold 1F - Freight Lift Lower Level & Hold - Queen Zenobia

  • 1 × Rocket Launcher - Propped up next to the wall in the south west corner.

Lower Complex - Airport Building B1

  • 2 × Rocket Launcher - Next to the large metal storage crate near the elevator.

Foredeck - Foredeck - Queen Zenobia

  • Available in Episode 11. Multiple ones get dropped by the helicopter during the battle with the whale infested with Malacoda.