Pulse Grenade

Category: Weaponry

Normal Mode

Locations for Normal Mode

Main Section - Promenade 1F - Queen Semiramis

  • On the barricade on its eastern side. Requires the Genesis Scanner to find.

Store Room - Promenade 2F - Queen Semiramis

  • On the metal shelves.

Casino Floor - Casino - Queen Semiramis

  • Between the slot machines in the south west corner of the room.

Records Room - Epidemic Prevention Block - Queen Zenobia

  • On the collapsed filing cabinet next to the broken window. Requires the Genesis Scanner to find.

Dome Room - Laboratory Lower Level - Queen Zenobia

  • On the crates on the uppermost platform.

Power Room Maze - Lower Levels - Queen Dido

  • On the hatch leading to the western section.