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Clock Tower 1F - Main Hall

Game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Location: Raccoon City Clock Tower
Image of Main Hall located in Clock Tower 1F
This place is linked to the following locations: Courtyard, Dining Room, Small Library, Main Hall Second Floor.


Image of Mine Thrower

Mine Thrower

On the floor next to the dead mercenary.

Image of First Aid Spray

1 First Aid Spray

On the desk to the west of the stairs.

Image of Blue Herb

∞ Blue Herbs

Growing in a box next to the main double doors.

Image of Operation Instruction

Operation Instruction

In the hand of the dead mercenary.

Image of Clock Tower Map

Clock Tower Map

On the desk next to the stairs.

Image of Nemesis (Second Form)

Nemesis (Second Form)

It bursts through the wall of the 2nd floor as you make your across the room after acquiring the Vaccine.