Barry Burton

Game Resident Evil
Category Character
Age 38
Blood type A
Height 186cm
Weight 89.3kg
Other appearances Resident Evil Remake
Chris Redfield's old friend and partner. Former S.W.A.T. team member, Barry maintains and supplies weapons for all S.T.A.R.S. members. He has over 16 years of experience, and has led many successful projects.

Barry's role within the events of the first game go alongside Jill's. He occasionally appears to pull Jill out of dangerous situations, or simply to aid her with various types of ammunition and support.


Winding Passage - Mansion 1F

  • Under some circumstances, he rescues you from the trap room.

Main Hall 2F - Mansion 2F

  • Under some circumstances, he appears here on your return to the main hall after exploring some of the mansion.

Terrace - Mansion 2F

  • Under some circumstances, you find him here.

Study - Mansion 2F

  • Under some circumstances, you will find him here.

Plant 42 Room - Guardhouse 1F

  • Under some circumstances, he arrives to help you defeat Plant 42.

Lesson Room - Mansion 2F

  • Enters the room after you've killed Yawn.

Branched Passage - Underground

  • If you waited for him to bring you another rope in the mansion, he will be here when you first enter this room.

Underground Entry - Underground

  • Only here if you met him in the underground and if you found Enrico on your own.

Elevator Entry - Laboratory B3

  • Under certain conditions, he arrives once you have restored power to the elevator.

Ladder Room - Laboratory B2