Magnum Ammo

These Magnum rounds boast several times the stopping power of ordinary handgun bullets.

Game Resident Evil Zero
Category Weaponry
A box of magnum rounds.

These rounds are used with the following weapons:


Piano Bar - Training Facility 2F

  • 1 × Magnum Ammo - On a barrel inside the secret wine room. Have Billy play the piano in order to reveal it.

Training Room - Facility Basement B3

  • 1 × Magnum Ammo - Inside a cupboard in the upstairs control room.

Maintenance Shaft - Factory B1

  • 1 × Magnum Ammo - On the floor next to the elevator.

Fenced Area - Treatment Plant B9

  • 1 × Magnum Ammo - Next to the west door.

Incinerator - Treatment Plant B9

  • 1 × Magnum Ammo - In the south east corner of the room.