Resident Evil Zero

Discover the root of all evil

23 July 1998. The day before the deadly virus is unleashed upon Raccoon City.

Discover how the disturbing events of Resident Evil came about in this terrifying prequel.

New Partner Zapping system allows players to switch between the two playable characters in the blink of an eye - however, allow one of the characters to die and it's game over.

Intense gameplay, stunning graphics and foreboding atmosphere make this the most horrifying Resident Evil game yet.



Several unusual murder cases had occurred in Raccoon City, a suburb in the Midwest.

Raccoon City police gravely reviewed reports of groups of "man-eating monsters" attacking civilians' houses. The order came through: Send in the elite S.T.A.R.S. team to investigate.

The S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team went in first. Due to inexplicable engine trouble, they were forced to make an emergency landing...

They touched down in a dense, dark forest. This was the beginning... of the nightmare!


TitlePlatformRegionRelease date
Resident Evil 0Nintendo GameCubeUnited States12 November 2002
Biohazard 0Nintendo GameCubeJapan21 November 2002
Resident Evil 0Nintendo GameCubeEurope7 March 2003
Biohazard 0 Wii EditionNintendo WiiJapan10 July 2008
Resident Evil 0 Archives Wii EditionNintendo WiiUnited States1 December 2009
Resident Evil 0 Archives Wii EditionNintendo WiiEurope22 January 2010