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Sewer B1 - Control Room 2

Game Resident Evil 2
Location: Raccoon Sewers
Image of Control Room 2 located in Sewer B1
This place is linked to the following locations: Sewer North Passage, 'T' Corridor, Warehouse 2.


Image of Item Box

Item Box

In the corner of the room.

Image of Typewriter


On the small table in the corner of the room.

Image of Ink Ribbon

Ink Ribbon

On the table, next to the typewriter.

Image of Hand Gun Bullets

1 × Hand Gun Bullets

Inside the small cupboard in the north west corner of the room.

Image of First Aid Spray

1 First Aid Spray

In the locker opposite the elevator.

Image of Sewer Manager Fax

Sewer Manager Fax

On the main table.