Guardhouse Residence Maps (Resident Evil Remake)

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Highlighted areas showing the location of... Residence Storeroom

Residence 1F

Image of Entry CorridorImage of Residence StoreroomImage of Room 001Image of Room 001 BathroomImage of Rec RoomImage of Central CorridorImage of Room 002Image of Room 002 BathroomImage of GalleryImage of Residence Medical RoomImage of Room 003Image of Room 003 BathroomImage of Plant 42 Room
Image of Residence 1F

Aqua Ring B1

Image of Aqua Ring EntryImage of Aqua Ring ExitImage of Aqua Ring WalkwayImage of Guard RoomImage of Control Room
Image of Aqua Ring B1

Aqua Ring B2

Image of Aqua Ring ExitImage of Aqua Ring StorageImage of Control RoomImage of Aqua Ring Water Tank
Image of Aqua Ring B2